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Experience a reliable, time-tested, and swift highway solution through Power Only Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services. A favorite among our team, this service seamlessly connects truck fleets and independent owners with any load type, whether it’s a flatbed or trailer. Enjoy the ease and multipurpose nature of Power Only – no need to worry about truck body sizes or load restrictions. With the ability to transport any cargo, your options are limitless.

Enhance your financial efficiency with Power Only. Say goodbye to constant staff payments and opt for paying drivers as needed. Our dedicated team takes on the responsibility of managing billing, freeing you to focus entirely on your trucking endeavors.

Vast TruckIn Dispatch is your solution for streamlined operations. The utility of Power Only dispatch for your business is clear. Should you seek further clarity or have questions, our team is just a call away. We’re here to provide more information and address any inquiries you may have.

Vast TruckIn is eagerly awaiting your call. Whether you’re exploring Power Only options or ready to initiate a partnership, our team is here to provide the support you need. Your journey with us begins with a straightforward conversation, where we’ll address your inquiries and requirements.

Discover a dependable, time-tested, and rapid highway solution with Dry Van Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services. Dry Vans stand as one of the most secure and efficient means of load dispatching, forming the backbone of the United States’ logistics landscape. Offering a protective shield against weather, movement, and damage, they assure customers of cargo safety.

The paramount choice lies in services that not only meet but exceed expectations – services you can proudly endorse to others, confident in their exceptional quality. At Vast TruckIn Dispatch, we dedicate ourselves to providing precisely such services. Our track record of content clients attests to our commitment. with your requirements and reap the rewards of efficient results.

Your tasks are our responsibilities, honed to be executed seamlessly and stress-free. Every process is meticulously organized to spare you unnecessary concerns. Entrust us with your requirements and reap the rewards of efficient results.

Vast TruckIn is eager to hear from you. Whether you’re looking for insights about Dry Van services or ready to forge a partnership, we’re here to provide assistance. Your journey with us commences with a brief and informative conversation.

Our Reefer Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services excel in maintaining precise temperature conditions for your sensitive cargo. Whether it’s perishable food, pharmaceuticals, or biodegradable goods, our expertise ensures safe transport.

With our specialized reefer services, your goods are in capable hands. We prioritize cargo integrity by providing efficient logistics solutions that cater to the unique temperature and humidity requirements of your shipments.

Vast TruckIn Dispatch has a proven track record as a reliable partner in the transportation industry. Our Reefer Dispatch Services stand as a testament to our commitment to secure and efficient cargo transport, giving you peace of mind with every shipment.


Vast TruckIn is eagerly anticipating your call. Whether you’re curious about Reefer services or ready to initiate a partnership, we’re here to offer our assistance. Your journey with us begins with a straightforward conversation, tailored to meet your needs.

Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services takes pride in offering top-tier transportation solutions, including Flat Deck / Flatbed Truck services. These services are specifically tailored to meet the diverse and often unique needs of industries requiring the transportation of various types of cargo. Flat Deck / Flatbed Trucks play a critical role in hauling goods that may not fit within the confines of standard enclosed trailers, making them an essential asset across multiple sectors.

At Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services, we understand the importance of versatility in transportation. Our Flat Deck / Flatbed Truck services cater to industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and more. These trucks are equipped with open platforms that provide the flexibility needed to transport irregularly shaped, oversized, and heavy loads. Whether it’s construction machinery, large equipment, raw materials, or other bulk cargo, our team ensures secure and efficient transportation. We excel in ensuring that each load is properly secured, meeting safety standards and regulations.

Our services ensure that items can be transported safely and efficiently. Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services stands as a reliable partner for businesses seeking top-tier transportation solutions. With our dedication to excellence, commitment to safety, and a focus on meeting each client’s specific needs, we ensure that your cargo reaches its destination securely and on time. Your journey with us begins by reaching out for a conversation tailored to your requirements.

Vast TruckIn is thrilled to anticipate your call. Whether you’re eager to uncover the possibilities of Flatbed Truck services or ready to embark on a dynamic partnership, our dedicated team is here to guide you. Your journey with us takes its first exciting step through a simple conversation, unlocking tailored solutions that align with your goals and needs.

Step Deck Trucks, also known as drop deck trailers, are specialized transportation vehicles designed to haul a variety of freight, particularly items that exceed the height restrictions of standard flatbed trailers. These trucks are characterized by their unique deck design, which features two levels: an upper deck and a lower deck. The upper deck is shorter in length and allows for the transportation of taller cargo, while the longer lower deck accommodates standard-sized freight. Step Deck Trucks are widely used in industries like construction, manufacturing, and agriculture, where the transportation of oversized or irregularly shaped loads is common.

Step Deck Trucks offer several key features and advantages that make them valuable assets in the transportation industry. The two-level deck design provides the flexibility needed to transport both tall and regular-sized cargo, making them suitable for various types of freight. The lower deck typically sits closer to the ground compared to traditional flatbeds, making loading and unloading more manageable. This design also improves stability during transport, particularly for top-heavy loads. Additionally, step deck trailers are often equipped with ramps, making it easier to load and unload heavy equipment and machinery.

Step Deck Trucks play a crucial role in industries requiring the transportation of oversized or tall items. Construction companies use these trucks to transport large construction equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes. Manufacturers rely on step deck trailers to move industrial machinery, oversized components, and raw materials. The agricultural sector uses them for transporting large farming equipment and machinery. Moreover, step deck trucks are vital in supporting the renewable energy sector by hauling wind turbine components. With their unique design and versatility, step deck trucks contribute significantly to the efficient movement of goods across various industries.

Vast TruckIn looks forward to your call. Whether you’re exploring Step Deck Truck options or ready to initiate a partnership, our team is here to provide assistance. Start with a personalized talk for your journey’s beginning.

We take pride in offering specialized transportation solutions, including RGN – Low Boy Truck services, to meet the unique needs of industries requiring the transportation of heavy and oversized equipment. Our RGN – Low Boy Truck services are tailored to provide efficient and reliable transportation for a wide range of industries, from construction to mining and beyond.

Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services excels in handling heavy loads that demand specialized transportation solutions. Our RGN – Low Boy Truck services stand out due to our team’s expertise in loading, securing, and transporting oversized equipment safely. We understand the intricacies involved in moving heavy machinery, construction equipment, and industrial components. Our drivers and dispatchers are well-trained to handle the unique challenges posed by RGN – Low Boy Trucks, ensuring that your valuable cargo reaches its destination in optimal condition.

At Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services, we tailor our RGN – Low Boy Truck services to diverse industries, recognizing their unique transportation needs. From towering cranes in construction to large excavators in mining, our customized solutions match each job’s demands. Backed by meticulous planning, route optimization, and cargo protection, we ensure precision in handling oversized loads. With a commitment to excellence and safety, we’re your trusted partner for top-tier solutions that streamline transportation needs across industries.

Vast TruckIn is excited to hear from you. Whether you’re curious about RGN / Low Boy Truck services or ready to forge a partnership, our team is here to provide assistance. Your journey with us begins with a straightforward conversation tailored to your needs.

Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services offers comprehensive logistics support for flatbed hotshot truck operations. With a keen understanding of time-sensitive deliveries, our dispatch team ensures seamless coordination between drivers and clients. We prioritize efficiency to help you meet tight deadlines and exceed customer expectations.

Our dedicated route planners specialize in optimizing flatbed hotshot truck routes. By considering factors like load specifications, road conditions, and traffic, we create tailored route plans that minimize delays and maximize safety. Trust in our meticulous planning to keep your shipments on track and your clients satisfied.

At Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services, real-time communication is the cornerstone of successful flatbed hotshot truck operations. We employ advanced communication tools to maintain constant contact with drivers, enabling us to provide instant updates to clients. This transparency and quick response system foster confidence in the delivery process, making us your reliable logistics partner.

Vast TruckIn is excitedly waiting for your call. Whether you’re curious about the versatility of Flatbed HotShot Trucks or ready to initiate a dynamic partnership, our dedicated team is here to provide expert guidance. Your journey with us begins with a single, impactful conversation that opens the door to endless transportation possibilities.

Trust in our Straight Box Truck “Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services”, a dependable partner streamlining box truck dispatching. No need for a specialized license; journey barrier-free. With us, ditch paperwork burdens and focus on the road ahead. We value your time and effort – our service ensures rapid, hassle-free dispatch, simplifying every aspect of your journey.

Box truck isn’t enough to maximize profits. Many box truck businesses struggle to find lucrative orders, often settling for less-than-ideal deals due to a lack of options. Our commitment to honesty means we never promise what we can’t deliver. We meticulously research and analyze numerous options to identify the most advantageous loads at reasonable prices.

At Vast TruckIn Dispatch, we go beyond load matching. We provide comprehensive support to ensure you focus solely on your core business – driving and transporting. Our team is dedicated to offering quick responses and qualified assistance. If you’re seeking more information about our services or our collaboration, feel free to reach out. We’re always available to provide insights and answers to your queries.

Vast TruckIn awaits your call with excitement. Whether you’re curious about the magic of Straight Box Truck or ready to embark on a collaborative journey, our dedicated team is here to guide you. Your voyage with us ignites through a simple conversation, where we unravel the endless possibilities of efficient and tailored transportation solutions.

Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services offers streamlined logistics support tailored for sprinter van operations. Our expert dispatch team understands the unique demands of expedited deliveries, ensuring that your sprinter van fleet operates efficiently and punctually. We prioritize seamless coordination to meet your delivery objectives.

Efficiency is paramount in sprinter van operations, and our route planning experts excel at optimizing delivery routes. By factoring in cargo specifics, road conditions, and time constraints, we devise route strategies that minimize mileage and maximize speed. Rely on our meticulous planning to enhance your sprinter van’s performance.

For Sprinter van businesses, Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services offer adaptive tech to excel. Enhancing logistics, analytics, and scalability, it fuels growth and innovation for sustainable success.

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Welcome to Vast TruckIn Dispatch,
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Hailing from Rock Springs, WY, we offer a comprehensive suite of services catering to a diverse range of local and international drivers and truck owners. From adept trucking and precise dispatching to tailor-made factoring setups, hassle-free trailer rentals, strategic driver recruitment, and meticulous account/invoice handling, we’re dedicated to simplifying the complexities of the industry. 

Our strategically situated base empowers us to provide unwaveringly reliable and punctual solutions for drayage requirements, FTL (Full Truck Load), and LTL (Less Truck Load) end-to-end services. At Vast TruckIn Dispatch, we’re not just moving cargo – we’re shaping efficiency, trust, and success in the realm of logistics.

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Revolutionizing the trucking industry, Vast TruckIn Dispatch Services is committed to optimizing efficiency through cutting-edge technology. By fostering real-time connectivity, empowering drivers, and promoting sustainability, we aim to set new industry standards. Our mission is to lead the way, creating a future where streamlined logistics meet environmental responsibility, all while ensuring the success of every stakeholder involved.

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At Vast TruckIn Dispatch, we are not just a company; we are the driving force behind your transportation success. With a commitment as solid as the road beneath the wheels, we have embarked on a journey to revolutionize the way goods are moved across the globe.

Passionately Redefining Logistics

Our story is one of passion, innovation, and unwavering dedication. Established with a vision to redefine logistics, we have merged cutting-edge technology with a human touch to create a seamless platform that connects truckers and businesses in a way that was never thought possible.​

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What sets us apart is not just our state-of-the-art dispatch solutions, but our relentless pursuit of excellence. We take pride in being the bridge that links hardworking truckers with opportunities, helping them navigate toward financial growth and stability.

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With every mile we enable, every delivery we facilitate, and every connection we foster, we are reminded of the incredible impact of collaboration. Our commitment extends beyond efficiency–it's about empowering dreams, fostering prosperity, and fostering a future where logistics know no bounds.

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Opting for Vast TruckIn Dispatch has proven to be the paramount decision for my business. Their unwavering reliability, forward-thinking innovation, and meticulous attention to service have not only harmonized my operations but also catalyzed remarkable growth in my bottom line. For anyone in pursuit of superlative logistics solutions, my highest recommendation rests with them.
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